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Montessori method was initiated by Dr. Maria Montessori.

A native of Chiaravalle located in Ancona Province in 1870 was the first woman to graduate Roma University of Medicine in 1896. While working as an apprentice doctor, she studied about how children learn and how children develop themselves by interacting with the environment. She was able to make the mentally disabled children to learn no differently to normal children by approaching the mentally disabled children in an educational way rather than medical way.

Montessori established a nursery for the poor children whose parents were laborers called Casa dei Bambini in San Lorenzo in 1907. By trying out her education method to normal children here, she was able to experience even a better results than with the mentally disabled children. She found out through scientific observation that the children did not tire out while manipulating with the educational toys and also that they has the ability to absorb knowledge from the surrounding environment almost unconsciously. Based on these discovery, she began to develop her own education method. All the educational toys, activities and methods developed by Montessori have been based on observing how the children learned on their own ˇ°naturallyˇ± without the help of adults.
Children learn by themselves. This simple yet profound truth has made Montessori to devote her entire life to education. Montessori passed away in 1952 in Netherlands but her work has not stopped. The educational effect of Montessori system is acknowledged widely until now and is being carried out in many countries of Europe , America and Asia and the study of its effect is still going on actively.